5 Things to Know: Newfoundland Dog

December 04, 2018

5 Things to Know: Newfoundland Dog

Oh the majestic Newfie. You hold a special place in my heart. With your huge size, shaggy fur always covered in drool you are just an absolutely lovable dog.

1. They Love Water
Like really love water! This rescue dogs victoria was made for the cold waters of the Atlantic where they helped to pull fishing nets out for fishermen and helped with hauling wood from the forest. Even with their large size they have amazing swimming capabilities. This is a dog when it sees the water is going to want to run for it!

2. They are smart
Although they may be portrayed as a big dumb dog. Newfies excel in training much like their birthplace brothers and sisters Labrador Retrievers. Much alike both breeds share many of the same characteristics including having a desire to please and strong work ethic, and of course overall friendliness. I mean this shouldn't come as a surprise considering where they are from!

3. They are Big!
As Newfoundland rescue dogs bc are a giant size breed they can weigh anywhere from 120 to 180 pounds. This being said they are not ones who really adapt well to one bedroom apartment living, although they are mellow enough for it. They do need some space to roam, as they need consistent exercise.

4. They are generally happy and loyal
Newfoundland dogs are great around kids and very loyal to their families. They are very sweet dogs and are very affectionate. They tend to not really know their size so they are always great for a good cuddle. They are basically big giant teddy bears.

5. You will never have a clean house again
Neat freaks need not apply. Get ready to collect dog hair all of the time. As mentioned Newfies have a thick coat (which is water resistant and double layered) so they are going to shed, A LOT! Oh and did I mention drool? Yeah there is going to be a fair bit of that around too. They also tend to not fully drink everything in their water bowl, so that might end up on the floor as well.

So if you are considering a Newfoundland Dog definitely consider your lifestyle. They are a big dog who likes to shed, drool and needs a fair bit of exercise. But you will have a loyal friendly teddy bear for life!