5 Things You Should Know: Bernese Mountain Dog

November 27, 2018

5 Things You Should Know: Bernese Mountain Dog

Increasing in popularity the Bernese Mountain dog is a big dog with a lot of love.

1. They are high energy
They are a dog with a fair amount of energy considering they were bred to work. Take this in to consideration if you are thinking of getting one as they will need a lot of exercise and daily activity. If you are really in to the outdoors this would be a great companion to take on adventures of hiking, camping or anything you can think of.They tend to weigh about 70-115 pounds, so you are looking at a big rescue dogs victoria that will need room. Meaning they do not always do well in an apartment setting, as they need room to roam. Access to a backyard would be highly beneficial and great for them. They are fairly easily trainable and will listen to commands.

2. They love, love

They tend to be extremely friendly with humans and dogs alike and will be an all around good dog to take places and meet people. They tend to be aloof towards new people, as they are so loyal to their human companions. Training and making sure they socialize at an early age will make them all the more used to meeting and greeting different people. They are a big dog, and like all dogs can get excited, proper greetings are a must!

3. They are FURRY!
They are a great rescue dogs bc for Canadian weather because of their thick fur they have a high tolerance to cold. This being said they will shed all year long with the most in the spring and the fall. So get your vacuum going because you will need it!

4. They are lifelong puppies
Bernese Mountain Dogs have been known to mature later than most puppies, this means they have a very youthful spirit to them. I mean who doesn't love the puppy stage where they are full of adventure! As well their average age span is around 6-8 years. That being said if they are not purebred and mixed with another breed their lifespan can increase from this. If getting a purebred always look for a reputable breeder to be sure of any genetic health issues.

5. They are watchful dogs
They are a dedicated and loyal dog, and have a watchful nature to them. They will protect their home as they were also originally bred to keep watch at night. If someone is coming to your house your Bernese Mountain Dog will be sure to let you know.

All in all the Bernese Mountain Dog is definitely one to consider. They are loving and loyal dogs who make great companions. If you are considering getting one definitely do your research on your furry friend!