Adopting a Rescue Dog, A Meeting of Minds

July 18, 2018

So you're in the process of looking into dogs for adoption bc or thinking of finding a rescue dogs bc. Well, here's how one small part of the process breaks down. It's a really important part, no doubt, to meet with everyone. Meeting with everyone you can think of before making a big, life changing commitment of dog adoption Canada will give you the greatest chance for success and also ensure you make the best move for you and also your furry friend.

First, there's the meeting with the shelter or rescue organization or even a foster care bc home that your prospective pup is staying at. Most people don't factor into the equation the staff and the organization as a whole. Get to know the people and the way they treat the animals. Figure out what they're like, because you'll be in touch with them for a while. Also keep in mind what organization your pup is from. Through a foster care bc program they have had much more one on one care while living in the foster family’s home. In a shelter, they might be forced to stay in their kennel or cage for longer periods of the day and not have had training on socialization or behaviour rehabilitation which they might or might not need.

Second you'll be meeting with the dog. You're going to want as many of your family members/ interested parties to be present. You don't want to be too influenced by the children, but make sure you can imagine a good future with them. The dog will definitely change the family dynamic. of course, you'll eventually meet the dog's history and health. make sure to take those and the dog's psyche into account. Making sure that your prospective rescue dogs bc or pup meets with everyone they are living with is super important. They might simply not jive well with a certain someone, or they might be scared of excited kids who jump and pull at them and might even lash out in fear. All these things you should know before you commit to your dogs for adoption bc.

It's a common misconception to think rescue dogs bc are cheap or low, when they are just like any other dog, but were often abandoned by poor decision making. It's a big commitment, so be sure you're ready to take it on. It’s also for the duration of their lives.

Let us know about your experience of meeting your dog for the first time. Also, check out all of our dog clothes Canada that all help rescue dogs bc by feeding them. We partner with organizations like the spca and victoria humane society and help them by sending financial aid to add to their donated food bank programs with the purchase of any of our products! You get to help rescue dogs in you local community with the purchase of any of our products! We send to rescues in your province so it stays community focused!