Beagle: 5 Things you Should Know

December 07, 2018

Beagle: 5 Things you Should Know

Small, compact and hardy. Truer words have never been spoken about beagles. Possibly one of the cutest puppies ever their big floppy ears and tiny bodies make them absolutely adorable and hard to resist. If you are thinking about getting one of these adorable puppies here are some things you should know about them.

1. They are food driven
Being a scent hound they are known to sniff out all of the treats and gobble them down. With this dog, definitely don't leave any food lying around because they will surely find a way to get to it. Even though they are food driven doesn't mean they are easy to train, beagle owners find themselves trying to out think their beagle because they are so smart and a bit stubborn.

2. Their nose controls their brain

Since they are scent hounds they have been known to wander off when they find and enticing smell. If you are out with your rescue dogs victoria in a new area always make sure you have them on leash at first. They might pick up on a smell and start wandering, not listening to you because they are so focused on what they are going after. They were bred for this, so it is quite understandable that they would go back to their nature. They have 220 million scent receptors, compared to 5 million we as humans have. So there is no way we would even recognize what they are after.

3. They need a lot of exercise
For a small rescue dogs bc they are one that actually needs alot of exercise. They are not a couch potato and will need to be walked daily for about an hour, rain or shine they will not care, they will just want to be out. As they were bred to track small game including rabbits and hares they were exercised greatly for this line of work.

4. They are happy, outgoing and loving
This is a dog that loves people and dogs alike. Because of their small, happy and outgoing nature they have been used in airports as scent dogs. This is because they are smaller and will often not scare people who have a fear of dogs, because they are just so friendly. They are definitely attached to their humans and will want to be around you most of the time. They will also be up for everything, so get used to bringing your beagle with you because they will definitely want to join.

5.They howl
Beagles are known to howl, this being said not all of them do. But if left alone they might become bored and miss you. This is one of the reasons Beagles are often given up is because of their howling, either keeping people or their neighbors up. So when thinking of getting this dog, take into consideration you living situation and if it could cause and issue.

So if you are thinking of getting a Beagle make sure you do thorough research, but if you decide to get one you will have an adorable goofy companion. They will surely grab attention of everyone and you will often get stopped on the street to pet your cute pupper.