Border Collie: 6 Things You Should Know

December 03, 2018

Border Collie: 6 Things You Should Know

6 things you should know about the Border Collie

A very iconic breed the Border Collie is an intelligent working rescue dogs victoria who loves to please. They are a medium size dog that originated on the Anglo- Scottish border regions. So if you are thinking of getting a Border Collie, here are some things you should know.

1. They are alert and energetic
If there is one thing that makes a Border Collie recognizable it is their alertness and energy. They tend to be a bit of workaholics and will always want to be doing something. They have a lot of energy because they are naturally a herding dog. They are very smart and will pick up on commands easily. That being said they are definitely not a couch potato, they want to be doing something. Things like agility and herding are great for them.

2. They love the outdoors
If you are looking for a dog to spend time outdoors with, this is definitely the breed for you. They love to run and would make great hiking partners. Since they are easily trained recall would be a great thing for them to learn for these hikes!

3. They are loyal
Border collies are extremely loyal to their owners, they love to be near them and have unwavering devotion. If not chasing a ball or running around a border collie can be found looking for pats and just listening to their owners talk. Because they want to work, they are usually looking for ways they can help out and get the job done!

4. Did I mention Smart?
Border Collies are considered one of the smartest breeds of rescue dogs bc. Now this can be great, or terrible at the same time. If they have a mind of their own then they can be known to get into mischief, but if they are mentally stimulated and willing to learn then this can be excellent. You wont have to teach your border collie how to do something over and over again. Once they know, they will remember. That being said they may occasionally do the dance of every command to figure out how to get the treat out of your hand!

5. They will play fetch for HOURS

I saw something once about the border collie, saying they will run until they bleed. This is true! They will play fetch for hours, and will bring you back the toy over and over again, just for you to throw it, so they can once again chase it. As mentioned they have a lot of energy, so this is a great way for them to blow off some of the steam.

6. They will herd anything
Even you. They are herding dogs and have been known to herd everything in sight. They are great at herding children and will occasionally nip at your heels when they are puppies. So early training on what is okay to herd and what isn't is very necessary!

So if you are considering a Border Collie, definitely consider where you live and what you have access to. If left alone with out exercise or mental stimulation for too long, a border collie like any other dog can become destructive. If you are very active and have the time for them then you will find a loyal companion who will be willing to go on adventures EVERYWHERE with you. They are a versatile breed and would love to just tag along wherever you go. If you are not as in to outdoors, definitely consider taking them to a daycare. Socialization is key, and they will be able to blow off some of their energy by playing with other dogs during the day.