Car Free YYJ - Helping Rescue Dogs BC

August 01, 2018

On our quest to help rescue dogs bc we attended a super fun event this past weekend called Car Free YYJ. It took place in downtown Victoria, BC on Douglas street which is a main road in town. They had shut it down for the day to allow for over 400 vendors, merchants and food trucks. We saw tons of Canadian dog breeds, dogs for adoption bc and dog clothes Canada all at the event. There was a tremendous amount of people that showed up for the event from families to young people and plenty of dog breeds!

The event was a huge success as we got to tell so many people about us and what we are about.  People loved our dog apparel Canada and our pledge to help the Victoria Humane Society with foster care bc by donating 237 meals of dog food bc that we raised from the proceeds of selling our products! It was really great to see everyone come by and check out our stuff and be thrilled at what we are trying to accomplish. That really keeps me going and makes me believe that we are on the right track and doing something worthwhile and good. That is a tremendous feeling because it adds purpose and meaning to my life! Happiness is derived from purpose and meaning, so I am happy as well as a result!

We are glad to help dog rescue Canada organizations like the Victoria Humane Society with proceeds from the day’s event. We met with Penny the executive director who was very appreciative of our efforts. She sent us an official receipt which can be viewed here so you can verify we donated as described!

I am still waiting for my turn to be offer foster care Canada as a foster home through the VHS. I am not sure how the responsibility of taking care of another animal will balance with the rest of the duties in my life. But I will try. It’s going to be a packed house with 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 of us haha. But it’s just a  usual challenge that most foster families face, and they all come through and offer foster care bc so, I mean why can’t I? How hard can it be? Famous last words haha.

We were very happy with the turnout at car free yyj. The response we got was overwhelmingly positive. People were thrilled at what we were doing and the help we were offering rescue dogs bc. It was a very long day, but even longer for Tam who had to leave at 2pm to head back to Langford for work at 4:30pm. She had to stay and close the bar, long day for her. I was thankful when it was over and time to clean up. The heat of the sun just takes its toll after 8 hrs.  

Thanks for a great event Car Free YYJ, we will be sure to be back for it next year!