Caring and Walking Many Dogs, Pack Dynamics

July 23, 2018

If you've figured out the magic of caring for one rescue dog, you may be confused when more rescue dogs bc are added to the pack. It's also important to consider where every rescue dog comes from when you are composing a group of dogs. When you live with many dogs, you'll begin to realize that it takes a lot of resources to care for many dogs. Let's hope your dogs all like the same food!

Size is very important for dogs, if you have too many big dogs, and one small one, the small one will probably get left out, or trampled and won’t be able to match the level of energy, play or physicality of their peers, which could lead to injury. Often the small one has trouble getting their own food and can generally be very sickly. You have to make sure that your dogs are playing nice and not excluding other dogs. When you have only two dogs everything is mostly ok as long as you don't show favouritism. It can be tough when a third is added because you can't police your dogs all the time. Just try to imagine 5! My friend Nick, who is a foster in Alberta, usually has 6 or 7 dogs on the go at any one time in his townhome. He is a master at getting them all to cooperate and get along by showing them all attention but also laying down the rules when needed. When he intakes a new foster into his care it usually takes a month or so for that foster to adjust to the new pack dynamic, learn all the other rescue dogs bc personalitites and figure out exactly where he should fit in right. Nick says this is an exciting time for him as the pack always accepts the new dog over time and once that acceptance begins, the rescue dogs bc that might have arrived with behaviour issues, separation anxiety or a host of other problems, begins to recover and be happy with their new surrounding. Nick specializes in providing foster care bc for smaller dogs that come from Mexico, instead of bigger Canadian dog breeds. The pack’s acceptance is a huge part in the recovery and growth of an incoming dogs for adoption bc, foster dog, Nick says.

No matter how many dogs you want, it's all possible with the right crowd techniques, and proper management of resources. It can be tricky, for sure, but with the right amount of effort, you'll be able to handle as many as you want. Nick is a hilarious sight to see when he is out walking around town with his dog pack. He does pretty well getting them all to walk straight without crossing leashes, but once they run into a stranger dog approaching, all order is lost and chaos ensues! Nick has become quite the local celebrity with all of his dogs.

How many dogs did it take before you started to struggle? How did you solve it?

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