Colwood Beats and Eats - Helping Broken Promises Rescue

August 01, 2018

So after I got home on Friday night from the Big Gay Dog Walk, the event that kicked off PRIDE weekend here in Victoria BC, I got straight to organizing the truck with the products and accessories I would be taking to Colwood Beats and Eats for Saturday. I got everything organized and promised myself I would be going to bed early by like 10pm, which actually happened, yay for me. This event we would be helping out Broken Promises Rescue who focus on helping rescue dogs bc as well as cats, all sorts of critters, rescue puppies bc too.

Tam was nice enough to help me out for this event. Setting up the tent, banner, table, clothing rack and organizing all the inventory is a hassle. But what makes it 100x harder is when you have Indy puppy on your hand because there is no where close to tie him down so you just need to set everything up on your own with him on your arm lol. If you tie him up far away he will just bark and bark and that’s super embarrassing, and if you leave him in the hot car you’re a dick, so, I’m just glad tam was there to take him around the beach while I set up. She has helped me so much setting up this new business that helps dog shelters bc, I am very grateful.

This event rocked! It was super fun for everyone involved. It was right on the beach in colwood, there was a big stage with 5 bands that each played an hr long set, a rock climbing wall, a bunch of food trucks and on the other end was my booth and about 20 other vendors. It’s night to make friends with your vendor neighbors, everyone is super nice and we are all in it together. There’s a sense of camaraderie. I met a nice lady who owned the T shirt company called Republic of Vancouver Island. She gave me some good tips on how to save money and better serve my customers, so thank you! With every saving, we can help more rescue dogs bc!

The event went from 12-8pm. Tam had to leave by 4 so Indy and I stuck it out for the duration. Indy is such a good employee, he just hangs out with me in the booth under the tent and everyone wants to meet him and say hi. He’s actually a good attraction for new customers. of course, he has his own agenda, which is to meet every single dog that passes by, which he accomplished! He also peed on my neighbors sign (I apologized twice, she didn’t like me) we ended up raising enough money to donate 530 meals of dog food that day which is wonderful.

We are helping out Broken Promises Rescue this weekend from today and tomorrow’s events. So we are off to a good start! Pamela is wonderful and based here in Langford, she was the lady on my first podcast, check that out here if you didn’t see it.
Also check out our dog clothes Canada that all helps rescue dogs bc! We send meals of dog food to help dogs for adoption bc and foster care bc by helping out the Victoria Humane Society with every purchase!