Does My Dog Love Me? Samoyed Puppy Tells All!

August 01, 2018

I’ve thought long and hard about how my Samoyed puppy, Indy feels about me and his 2 feline roommates. He’s grown up with me and the cats from when he was very little, about 8 weeks old. We are pretty much all he knows.  I’m sure he does love us, here are some ways that I think he expresses his true feelings in our household.

1: He smiles and laughs A LOT. A laugh may be hard to identify, but a puppy smile isn’t, especially for Indy with is classic ‘sammy smile’. A laugh is a bit tougher to spot but I think I see it when he has his head up, his fully Sammy smile and his eyes are sparkling with interest and he is panting slightly gleaming for more whatever we are doing. It’s like a long winded exhalation and panting, whatever we are doing, he thinks is hilarious! I’m going to get him a dog costumes Canada to match his laugh. Don't forget to support rescue dogs bc.



2: Wagging and Wiggling. Indy is the king of wiggling his tail when he is happy or excited to see us or his best cat friend, Pickle, just like rescue dogs bc. Its so obvious when he comes downstairs first thing in the morning after sleeping on the balcony all night. Pickle usually sleeps in my office chair and when Indy comes down first thing they meet and say hi which usually results in pickle’s forehead getting soaked with kisses from the dog. His tail goes crazy! He’s so excited to see Pickle. He also wiggles and wags his whole body when we come home or when he’s at the dog park, in the zone. Check out all the dogs for adoption bc at the victoria humane society!

3: Rolling around on the floor exposing his belly demanding pets. This is a daily occurrence lol. Indy demands belly rubs, and he wants them daily! On his schedule. Usually in the morning he will come wake me in bed and step all over me and then flop down beside me, er, I tackle him down beside me and smother him, then that turns into some belly rubs while he’s on his back. Later in the day he will want some rubs before it’s nap time, usually after a run at the dog park and a meal. When he is super content, his energy is spent and he’s winding down for a bit and relaxing on the couch while I work. Finally, before bed he will come say good night briefly in bed while I’m winding down with Netflix. He says goodnight, then goes on the balcony to sleep. Help out dog shelters bc!



4: He gets all up in my business to say hi. This happens when I’m at my desk. He will come over from outside and say hi by coming under the open walled desk and plop his head into my lap from under the desk lol. I’ll get a picture to show you guys next time he does it like other dog breeds bc. He doesn’t want anything, just some pets and to tell me he’s back from playing outside haha. This also happens when I have food because I eat at my desk, but he’s there for a whole other reason. Support dog adoption Canada by checking out our products.



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