Dog Infected with Coronavirus? FALSE.

March 01, 2020

Dog Infected with Coronavirus? FALSE.

As a growing number of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus make headlines across the globe, it is only natural to start worrying about the health and safety of your immediate family, including your beloved pets, regardless of where you live.  Can pets contract the virus? Here's how I understand it, as a total medical noob.

Word spread a few days ago about a dog contracting the Coronavirus in Hong Kong according to a report from The pup tested 'weak postive' for COVID-19, Cornoavirus.  What this meant at the time of the test was the dog showed positive signs of the live virus in his mouth and nasal cavities but not in his rectum, nor did he show any symptoms of the virus.

This does not mean the dog actually contracted the virus however. Authorities believe the dog might have tested weak positive because it's owner human contracted the virus and they were sharing the same living quarters. Both are now in quarantine being cared for.

At this time there are no official reports concluding that dogs can contract the virus itself and/or spread the coronavirus to humans. 

Knowing this, pet owners in China still choose to mask their pets mouths to be safe. Ha, I would too!