Dogs / Humans and the Bond Between Us

July 21, 2018

Dogs have a relationship and bond with humans that dates back to around 15,000 bc. There is an evolutionary relationship between us and them that has benefited both parties quite well over time. Let’s have a look at what that has meant to humans and our best friend’s, rescue dogs bc.

First you need to understand that all dogs descend from wolves, as crazy as that seems today. Look at a pug, tell me how on earth that derived from a wolf!  Wolf packs have some similarities when you compare them to human family units, as a social unit. We are both territorial, we like to hunt together, not solo, when we separate from each other, it is a big deal to reunite with our group or pack. Dogs for adoption bc have always been loyal as well. Greetings are enthusiastic as the missing member is re-united with their group, family, or pack.

A slight difference between wolf packs and human groups is that in wolf packs, only the alpha male and female wolves are sexually active, although all the other wolves are mature enough. In humans, most adults are sexually active despite a small group of people on the fringe of the social hierarchy.

Dogs are humans are so in sync and adaptable together that they can coexist quite harmoniously and maintain a mutually beneficial partnership where the dogs are pampered with human food and are offered vet care as well as comfy beds to share with their human masters. The humans in return get companionship, unwavering, unconditional love and are greeted with a loving excitement every time they come home. In fact, most human families really don’t even look at their dog like it’s a different species. They know, that objectively, the dog is different from then but they more so look at it like it is a genuine part of the family.

Dogs are the most attentive animals that interact with humans. They have quite the ability to anticipate and predict what their human masters want of them, they can interpret their facial expressions, mood and temperament through our voice inflection and tone. Rescue Dogs bc get to know our individual personalities through reading our body language and the way we interact with them but also with each other. They can also anticipate where the direction of our gaze is focused on to reveal human tells in where something might be hiding, like food and treats!

Dogs for adoption bc are also extremely in tune with the emotions of their humans. They have the ability to sense what mood we might be in, whether we are mad, upset, annoyed or stressed out. They also react quite positively to any sort of excitement you throw in their direction very positively.

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