Family Holidays and Rescue Dogs BC

July 16, 2018

Let’s set the scene: It’s July 1st, Canada Day, and all of your family is over. The bbq is going, everyone is out back having a great time, kids everywhere jumping and playing in the pool and the dogs are going crazy with excitement. Grandma is relaxing, talking to uncle with a big plate full of gravy. Your furry pal, both wanting to say hello and get to the gravy, jumps into Grandma’s lap. What a mess! Everyone knows this scene all too well, it’s a memory we cherish. Sharing your holidays this summer with family and your furry loved rescue dogs bc is what summer and what we all work toward! But there are some things you need to think of to keep your Canadian dogs breeds safe during the holidays when there is so much activity and movement all packed into your household

We know you love your dog, but we also know that sometimes they can be a bit too much to handle. During the holidays, with family and friends, you might worry that your dog will cause a ruckus. What happens if they spill food or drinks? Locking them in the laundry room isn’t the answer. The best way to keep your dogs under control when the family isn’t, I have found is to run them before the party gets started. In the morning, go take your dogs for adoption bc to the local dog park and make sure they get ALL of their energy out with a nice hour long run and social time with all the other pups. Then, when you take them back home just in time for the family to start coming over, you’ll see that they are more prone to relaxing and taking in all the sights and sounds, vs being the star of the show, and the lead tackle.

You can also keep your rescue dogs bc safe from mess during family gatherings but secluding them from the party a bit, you can use fencing to have a dog park set up in your backyard and a family part for the kids, separately. There are tall gates and short gates, with cat doors and paw prints, some for the stairs and some far large areas. They are mostly easy to set up, by pressure or hardware mount. Pressure mounted requires no tools or drilling. It won’t wreck your walls, it works using springs. If you want a stable fixture, go for the hardware mount.

Fortunately these gates come in all sorts of styles. You won’t have to worry about your gates not matching the room. Keep your furry pals safe and free using this great holiday solution.

How do you keep your dogs safe when company is over? Do you run them like me, or do you keep them separated? Don’t forget to check out all of our dog clothes Canada that help rescue dogs bc with every purchase.  We support organizations that foster care bc and for dog adoption Canada by sending them dog food to add to their food programs.