Finding Meaning Through Dog Rescue Canada

July 11, 2018

This past weekend I got the distinct honor and privilege to sit in on a Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris debate in Vancouver at a classic and charming historic theater called the Orphelian. They debated free will, religion and the benefit, purpose and future of it all in today’s society. People seemed to heavily favor Sam Harris’ point of view that religion serves no purpose in today’s society and science should be what guides our decision making. I agree with him to an extent. Peterson’s point was that you can’t just dismiss religion as it is the foundation of how we all act, behave and understand life and meaning as individuals and as groups. I agree with him as well. Peterson has taught me SO much over the last 2 years. I have listened to all of his lectures, interviews, debates and podcasts. He is a tremendous mind!

Peterson, earlier, taught me that life’s focus should be to find meaning and purpose, not happiness first. Happiness is derived from meaning, so that should be your first focus. This is what lead me to help rescue dogs bc. Though I knew I would find purpose in helping others, initially I didn’t think of helping animals. It only dawned on me later that I could help dog rescue Canada by starting a business that gave back to its community BY helping animals in need and foster care bc. This idea kind of really checked off all the boxes needed. It allowed me to run a business that sells dog clothes canada, which I wanted to do, being an entrepreneur. It allowed me to give back to the community and help animals, which I feel every business should have the responsibility of doing in 2018, and it allowed me to work on my own time, from home while allowing me some time to foster care bc.

The immediate benefit to my life that I happened when I moved away from my old self and embraced my new self was a feeling of a new beginning. Letting go of your old self, its habits, vices and demons is not an easy task. They want to linger, to hang on to the host, but in order to re invent yourself into the person you want to be, you must burn the old self off. It’s a phoenix like transformation signifying death and re birth. A forest that burns down leaves deadwood which can then replenish the soil and the forest will regrow. It is only when the forest doesn’t burn for an extended period of time that it piles up and smothers itself and then when catastrophe comes and the lightening strikes it burns so hot that nothing is left to rebuild with. Well, it’s like that with people too, Peterson explained. In order to grow and rebuild yourself, you must let the things that kept you down, burn away.

That is what my move to from Alberta to BC was the beginning of, that’s what leaving the restaurant business and starting Dog Days is, and that’s deciding to make my life about helping rescue dogs bc is for! I plan to do some good with my life and support organizations that dog rescue Canada! In the end, I can’t think of anything BETTER to do with my life at this point, and that’s brings me meaning and happiness, for now.