Four Things You Should Know: Australian Shepherd

November 28, 2018

Four Things You Should Know: Australian Shepherd

It seems there has been a huge spike in the amount of Australian Shepherds around Canada recently. So if you are considering getting one here are 4 things you should know about the breed.

1. They love to play
Australian Shepherds are definitely a rescue dogs victoria that loves to play! They have an easy going nature, and high level of energy which makes them a great companion for heading out for a run, trek or just get them to chase the ball. They have a gentle nature which makes them great to be around children, because they wont play rough.

2. They are a work dog

They love having a job to do and will do it well! They are extremely smart and can easily pick up on commands. They are eager to learn and please, which makes them great as a heard rescue dogs bc. As a family dog they will definitely need physical and mental stimulation so they do not get bored. Things like agility will help them in both these cases. They have held basically all of the traditional dog jobs and always do really well in them. They make great search and rescue dogs.

3. They are sensitive
This is a dog with a lot of feelings. They love their owners they want the attention and affection from them as much as possible. They have strong guardian instincts will often be found staring at their owners and keeping a watchful eye on them. You will be sure to have a gaze following your every step, or they will be under your feet!

4. They shed
Like many dogs with long fur, Australian Shepherds shed! During shedding season, be sure to have your brush handy, because you will need it. Having a waterproof coat means they have a double coat, which means all the more fur. They also come in several different colours including Merle, Red Merle, Black, Red tricolor, Black tricolor, Blue Merle and Red. 

The Australian Shepherd is definitely one to consider if you are active or have a job for them to do! Always consider you lifestyle before getting this,.or any dog. They don't get overly big (maximum 50 lbs for males), but they do not fare well in an apartment setting.They can live in cities, but it is always best for them to have a yard where they can run around. They are definitely a loyal companion for their owners and make a great cuddle buddy when they actually want to sit down!

Additional fun fact: Australian Shepherds weren't bred in Australia, they originated in Western USA and their ancestry includes collies and shepherd like dogs. Their boom in the United States came post World War II when there was a boom in horse riding and rodeos.