Getting along with your dog

July 10, 2018

If you have recently gotten a dog, then you might think that getting it to like you can be a little difficult. But don’t worry! Your bundle of joy will start liking you soon enough. Read on for some tips that can make your dog start liking you! Most rescue dogs bc like their human companions right off the bat, but some can be a bit skiddish as we all know because of past trauma or mis treatment from other humans. Most animals will be able to come around and show love to new humans in their lives even after great mis treatment from their past which shows such tremendous unconditional love and the ability to forgive, it’s incredible.

An easy way to make your dog like you is to let him or her enjoy its own space. They should be given a good space to relax and do the activities they want for a time. In fact, you should give them a bed with a blanket along with some toys they can play with so they can enjoy some time alone. Allowing your dogs for adoption bc to do it’s own thing within their allotted space will calm them down and allow them to understand that they are safe in their space and in your presence.

We usually use pet dogs as our protectors, but we should protect our dogs too. Comfort them when they are scared. Dogs can sense love and affection. As a pet owner, you need to provide both to form a bond of trust with your rescue dogs bc. This goes back to keeping their safe space, safe and free of anything that they can misconstrue as aggressive or unnerving.

Try to understand what they really mean to say. Sometimes they are not in a mood to do anything, and if they say ‘no’ to you, you should be able to respect their decision. Forcing your dogs for adoption bc to do something they aren’t in a mood to do can make them lash out and like you less. Thankfully, indy is always in the mood to do an outdoor activity or play inside with me. The only things he isn’t always in the mood for is hugs and affection haha. So I try to keep that to a minimum.

Use positive training techniques on your dog because through this the training sessions will become a fun activity for them rather than a physical and stressful chore that leads them to dislike you. Also, timely feed your dog and know about their likes and dislikes when it comes to food. Give them what they love to eat and let them enjoy their food instead of forcing them to eat what they don’t prefer. Also, communicate with them in a gentle yet firm tone, even when your dog is misbehaving. Yelling at your dog or threatening to beat them weakens the bond of trust between pet and owner.

How did you make your dog like you? Be sure to check out all of our dog clothes Canada that all help rescue dogs bc and dogs for adoption bc by sending dog food to animal rescue Canada organizations like the spca and humane society.