Great Dane: Five Things you Should Know

November 29, 2018

Great Dane: Five Things you Should Know

5 things you should know about the Great Dane

This giant breed rescue dogs victoria is not like the rest of them, with their calm demeanor they are definitely one to be loved. Originally not so friendly and calm the Great Dane was originally bred to hunt boar! So here are some things you should know about this breed if you are thinking of getting one!

1. They are gentle giants
The Great Dane is a huge dog, and some people might be rather scared because of their huge size and occasionally loud bark. But they really mean no harm, they are very gentle dogs that have virtually no prey drive. They tend to get along with both humans and animals alike and have been known to be very gentle, although they may not really know how big they are.

2. They are kind of couch potatoes
Even though they may be a big rescue dogs bc, they don't really need that much exercise. Probably because they have so much weight to carry around as it is. They tend to be couch potatoes because of this. That being said they do need some space to get up and move, and aren't always suited for apartment living. They can definitely reach the tops of counters, and will clear your coffee table off with one sweep of their tail. If you have a very small space this can become a problem because like us, they will want to get up and move around. But all in all you will definitely have a great cuddle buddy.

3. They will want to be with you
Great Danes are very loyal and will want to be with their family. They have been known to be attention seekers and if not getting enough will seek you out, in maybe not the most convenient times for a cuddle.

4. They grow fast
Because they have so much growing to do, the Great Dane grows quickly, but will take some time to grow to full size. It can take about 2 years for them to fully mature. When they do they will stand about 79 cm at their head and can weigh up to 180 pounds. That being said they do hold many world records for being the biggest dogs out there.

5. They think they're a lap dog

As mentioned before the Great Dane doesn't really know that he is as big as he is. They often consider themselves lap dogs, which can be a bit of a struggle at times, especially if they weigh more than you do! So early teaching of their size is a must if you aren't going to be able to handle their weight all over you!

So if you are considering a Great Dane, definitely do you research in to what breeder to choose from. Making sure they have good genetics, because they can be prone to many problems. If you do, you will have a loyal friend for their life and a great cuddle buddy who will want to be around you all the time!