Great Pyrenees: 5 Things You Should Know

December 17, 2018

Great Pyrenees: 5 Things You Should Know

Oh the Great Pyrenees, they are an absolutely gorgeous dog. They were originally bred as a working dog and can reach up to 130 pounds! So here are some things you should know if you are considering getting this gorgeous dog.

1. They protecc
A bit of a guard dog the Great Pyrenees goal is to protecc. They were bred to guard sheep and livestock and will honestly protect you from any real or imaginary predators that may (or may not) be intruding on your space. They will protect the land you live on and the very air you breath.

2. They are vocal
If you are getting a Great Pyrenees get a set of ear plugs as well. They are very vocal dogs and will let you know when something or someone is intruding on your lawn. They were meant to ward off predators from sheep they were watching, and one way of doing this was by barking loudly to entice fear in the predator. This is still a part of their breeding today, and because they are very good listeners they will often hear sounds that we as humans would not hear. So invest in some ear plugs because you are going to need them.

3. They are nocturnal by nature
Because the Great Pyrenees was bred to watch over sheep at night they are naturally nocturnal resue dogs victoria. This means they will be very attentive during the night. This might not be best if you live in an area with alot of noise at night, because they pick up on the quieter sounds and will be awake this can cause a bit of havoc on your sleep schedule.

4. They sensitive
This is a big dog with alot of love to give. They are known to be very gentle and sympathetic. They are extremely good with children and will have alot of love for their family. They are very good with small animals as they see a need to protect them, This being said they are also sensitive to things going on around them, they will not fair well in a hectic and chaotic household. They are the kind of dog that needs structure and a daily routine.

5.They are independent thinkers

Because they were bred to be alone in the fields at night Great Pyrenees tend to be independent thinkers. This means if you thinking of getting one, you are going to need to know alot of positive reinforcement techniques because they can be hard to teach. Continual training while they are young will make them easier to handle. They will not be the greatest rescue dogs bc to walk off leash because they are independent thinkers and tend to go off on their own because of their nature.

So if you are thinking of getting a Great Pyrenees, definitely consider your living situation and see if this is the right breed of dog for you. They will be fairly calm inside the house, but they will need some space to roam. This means a large yard would be best for this dog.

Another fun fact is that the first Great Pyrenees was first imported into Newfoundland, and was bred with a Newfoundland Dog. Which has created the Landseer colour of the black and white Newfoundland Dog.