Helping Your Dog Cope While You're Gone

July 18, 2018

It can be hard to get your new pup settled into the home, especially a rescue dogs bc. Your dog might become upset when you leave it at home alone, and that’s always a sad idea. Separation is a real issue with many dogs, usually it’s worse with rescues, but it can happen to your dog when you spend too much time with them or coddle them and not give them a few hours each day on their own.

How bad is the poor face when they are watching you from the door or window as you get into the car without them and back up and drive away. Heartbreaking! Here are some tips to make sure your friend has a good time without you and doesn’t fret while you’re gone:

When you leave, the trick is to make them feel safe and secure. The way to do that is to put them in a small space, so they feel comfortable. Give them lots of chew toys and things to do. You want to tell them that you are leaving and that you will be back soon, give them a kiss or boop and some pets and tell them they are a good boy or girl. Sometimes it is helpful to put the radio on so your dog can hear human voices. Some dogs find that soothing. Make sure to walk them before you go out. This is a crucial step. A dog who has expended some of his energy, is much more likely to find the peace and quiet soothing and be very inclined to use it as resting time. If you plan your day properly, taking your dog for a walk, or dog park run should come right before you need to leave him alone for an extended period of time. It will be the best time of the day to do so, and the time that he is best to handle it.

When you come back, try not to make a big fuss. It’s no big deal that you’re coming home, just an everyday thing. You don’t want them to think that it’s a special occasion when you come home, because you ALWAYS come home. Give them a treat when they’ve calmed down, and don’t punish them for whining. They won’t understand what’s wrong because they were hurting without you. This tip is very hard to actually accomplish, just fyi, haha. I love coming home and seeing my dog and making it special each time. It is a bit easier for me because the dog can hang out with his 2 cat friends when I am gone and they pass the time together.

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