How to Help Rescue Dogs BC Through Dog Days

July 16, 2018

Want to know how you can help give back this summer season? Here at Dog Days we choose to help rescue dogs bc and dogs for adoption bc. The structure of our operation is geared towards supporting rescues and organizations that help foster care bc as well as dog rescue Canada. We’re very grateful to be able to bring you great dog-related products to make donation easier and worth your while. By making it easier to give back to dogs, we help shelters and other dog-related charities improve their services. We also like the idea of giving you a great product for your money, not just asking for it like most charities. We are a business, and our business is making great dog clothes Canada as well as a wide selection of national pride dog apparel Canada.

When you are helping you and your dog get comfortable this holiday season, just know that a purchase here will not only help you, but other dogs throughout the country. Since we are just beginning, we don’t have a sophisticated charity structure, but we are Canada-based, so at first we’ll be helping Canadian dogs. Why not help your local community FIRST and then let the idea grow and populate outward from there? Helping your local community is the best way to also grow a new business. Don’t bit off too big of a piece and hope that it just becomes a nationwide brand right away. Things simply don’t work that fast and you will fall short. What you need to do is focus on your local community, attend live events, hit the road, spread the word and hopefully people like what you are doing with your time and effort and they will help spread the word as well. That is what we are doing this summer and so far it is working well.

What we’re doing is actually pretty new, in that the products we sell are all to help rescue dogs bc. Honestly, I can’t think of a better use of my time and effort. I want to help the community, I want to help dogs, and I want to grow a business whose model is benevolent, that is, based off of giving back to an idea we believe in.

Hopefully your charity work doesn’t stop with us, and you continue to be a good steward for other dog owners. It’s important to contribute to animal rescue operations in whatever way you can. I don’t mean to alarm you, but there are a lot of dogs that need our help. Every little bit counts.

Let us know how you help your local dogs! And please check out our dog clothes Canada that all benefit rescue dogs bc by supporting local organization like Broken Promises Rescue and the Victoria Humane Society. We send them money for their food program based off the purchases you make with us! You get a great product, and together we help rescue dogs bc in your local community!