New Team Member, Siobhan

October 10, 2018

New Team Member, Siobhan

So, let me introduce myself. I am Siobhan, originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia  and a recent resident of Victoria, British Colombia. I have lived across Canada and fell in love with Vancouver Island the many times I have visited. My fiancé, two rescue dogs victoria (Rundle and Zephyr) and I drove across Canada in six days and just arrived last week. We decided to move to Victoria because Tom was given the opportunity to transfer to Esquimalt through his work as a Fitness Instructor for the Canadian military. We both love being outdoors and hiking so it made sense to move to the West Coast! It really is the best of both worlds here, you have the mountains close, but can be near the ocean as well.

I am very active in the fitness community and have worked as a personal trainer for the past few years. My passion lies in weight lifting but last year I started running. A couple of days before leaving Nova Scotia I ran my first half marathon at Maritime Race Weekend, finishing in just over 2 hours. The night before I also made a personal best by finishing a 5K in 26 minutes.  I have completed a few races on the East Coast and am looking to get involved in the running community here.

So now on to the best part, my dogs! 

Rundle is a one year old and is named after Rundle Mountain in Banff, Alberta. The iconic one that you can see from town. He is a true Heinz 57, a black lab mixed with a bunch of other stuff. I adopted him from an organization in Nova Scotia that re-homes puppies from accidental litters and he has been a handful ever since. 

Zephyr is Toms dog, he is 14 years old but you would never be able to tell, except for the fact that he has no teeth. He is a black lab, border collie mix and is a ball of energy and is one of the sweetest rescue dogs bc you will ever meet.

Previously, I have worked with dogs by assisting rescue organizations. While traveling in Guatemala I helped a sanctuary by walking the dogs daily and also fostered a puppy who needed to experience a household living situation. She ended up being adopted to a great family and I think that was one of the most rewarding things to experience.  

I am an animal lover to say the least and am very excited to start working at Dog Days Clothing. There is nothing better than working for an organization who wants to give back to communities across Canada. You will be seeing a lot of adventures from my dogs and I in the future, so stay tuned to see what we get up to! There will be a lot if hiking, scenery and and exploring of Vancouver Island.