Let a Sleeping Dog Lie

October 16, 2018

Let a Sleeping Dog Lie

Now that I have officially moved in to a new place here in Victoria I have been grappling with the idea of whether or not I should let Rundle sleep in bed with me at night. When it comes to my dogs I am personally a bit of a push over or certain rules. I have gone back and forth multiple times on making a decision in the past and usually end up giving in. I have no problem teaching him not to go on the bed and 99% of the time he will listen when a rule is in place. The thing is I am a sucker for a good puppy cuddle, I mean who doesn’t want to cuddle up to a cute puppy?  

Well Ta-da! 


Thank you to the University of Alberta for making my decision easier (or harder depending on perspective). A study published in September found people with chronic pain who normally did not get a high quality of sleep had an enhancement on their quality of sleep while sleeping with their rescue dogs victoria.  The positive impacts included decreased stress along with being more active during the day. (If you want to read more on study I have attached it to the bottom of this page). Now I am someone who lives with constant back and neck pain, so I aim really wondering if this would be beneficial. I mean if there is a chance that it is going to make me sleep better why not! 


What I am really wondering though was the size of the dogs in this study. Having a 60 pound dog who wants to take up as much space as possible, can occasionally be difficult, especially if he doesn’t want to move. I am one of those people who if the rescue dogs bc is quietly sleeping I will not move him for fear of him waking up and not going back to sleep. Needless to say I have been in some pretty ridiculous positions at night because I wouldn’t move him. To the point where I have nearly fallen off the bed because he was dreaming and flailed his whole body while sound asleep. But at the same time…… he is so warm and a great at cuddling. 


So I guess that will be my final decision, I concede, the dog is going to sleep in the bed. Also, since I have just moved here in to a new place I have also been deciding whether or not to get a Queen or King sized bed. I guess that decision is final too…I am going to be going with a KING so there is room for all of the puppies. Oh and room so I can actually move on the bed! 


So thank you to that study for making all of the decisions for me. I am sure I would have come to this conclusion on my own, but it has helped!