Loving Rescue Dogs BC: Why It's so Important

July 16, 2018

My dog Lulu is the cutest thing in the world. When we first got her, she was terrified of people. She was anxious and unhappy all the time. She would get sick very easily, and she was too scrawny. There were many times that we didn’t think she would make it. Lulu loved to lick and she loved to cuddle. Her biggest fear was being abandoned. This is all too much of a common story when you get a dogs for adoption Canada or a rescue dogs bc. Their behaviour issues come from a rough past of abuse, malnourishment and fear based issues caused by evil humans. Not everyone loves animals like most of us do, and it’s a shame because the scarring they impose on their mistreated animals can last a life time. Thankfully there are those good people that take in these rescue dogs bc into foster care bc and begin their rehabilitation which is the first step to a worry free life of security, fun and happiness.

The previous owner was a dog breeder who would buy female and male dogs and sell their offspring. Although this is normal dog breeding practice, he did it in a cramped apartment, with no facilities. They didn’t clean up after the dogs, and let them rot, hoping to make a quick buck. With the help of concerned citizens and animal rescue Lulu was saved. This happens a lot here in bc up north or in remote parts that are sometimes hard to access. Thankfully places like the VHS report to calls of animal abuse and respond quickly by rescuing these animals putting them into foster care bc until they are ready as dogs for adoption bc. Sometimes this involves dangerous trips up north facing harsh weather and reluctant people who don’t want to give up their mistreated animals. Usually the story ends well and the animals are taken into foster care bc and their rehab begins immediately.

Now we have since moved into a new house, and we take great care of her. She is well-trained, and is enjoying life. Her fur is glowing, and she has so much energy. She is never afraid when we leave the house, but sometimes she has bad dreams. Please donate to help animals, they need people to care for them. You can help animals out in British Columbia by donating to dog rescue Canada by supporting organizations like the spca or victoria humane society directly or you can purchase any of our products and get something for your money but also help rescue dogs bc. We support these organization by sending dog food to them so they can continue to feed the Canadian dog breeds that are in their care long enough to find their forever home. Of course you can also do your own part if you are thinking of getting a dog, make sure you get a dogs for adoption bc instead of going to a breeder who is out to make a buck. It’s always best to get a dog rescue Canada, you’ll be saving its life!