Meeting with the Victoria Humane Society, Helping Rescue Dogs BC

July 17, 2018

Today I had the honor and pleasure to interview Penny from the Victoria Humane Society. Aside from a few technical difficulties (we are still learning podcasting) the interview went great. She is a tremendous woman who truly is an angel on this earth here to help animals in need. We spoke about her history and how she got involved in rescue dogs bc back in 1986. She had a small shop where she would make dog treats and over time people came in with animals that would need help with vet bills or to be fixed. She realized that there was no one else there to help those people so she took on the task herself. She then worked for the SPCA for a number of years but parted ways to do her own thing and make her own rules. She founded the Victoria Humane Society with a few volunteers and some people came with her from the SPCA as well.

Today the Victoria Humane Society has grown to over 150 foster homes and last year they helped over 3000 animals in need! Talk about an impact in the community! Penny explained the challenges with rescuing that many animals. It is a logistical challenge and sometimes travel and access to the remote communities that most of these animals are found is difficult or near impossible. The Victoria Humane Society will never say no to taking in an animal in need. They are known to take in the animals that no one wants to help. They will always at least attempt to help a rescue dogs bc in need. Sometimes however, even the most earnest attempts are futile and the dog must be put down because of injuries that are too much to recover from. That is the worst part about Penny’s job.

The Victoria Humane Society has big plans for the future. They are in desperate need of a home base to calm and asses the animals that are freshly received into their shelter program. It would just be organized as a temporary space for the animals to decompress from their stressful past and travel to the rescue facility. She still maintains that the foster system is the best way to give care to a dog in need so this place would act as a temporary hotel to asses and make a good call as to which foster would be the best fit for each animal, as they are all very different from each other and require specific foster circumstances

Penny is currently actively seeking a warehouse space but zoning has proven to be an issue. An industrial warehouse space would work so if you know of anything available please contact Dog Days or the VHS directly at

It was also nice to send the Victoria Humane Society our first donation from our Car Free YYJ event that took place last weekend. We were able to raise 237 meals of dog food from our sales on Sunday so THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported the cause by buying our stuff. We are thrilled to have been able to help them and know our donations will get bigger and more impactful over time!

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-Andy B