Outdoor Fun with Your Rescue Dogs

July 24, 2018

Canadian Dog breeds love to play and just like human beings, they need to exercise and get fresh air so stay fit and healthy. It’s actually the activity they enjoy doing the most in their life, at least that’s the way it is with Indy. He looks forward to his two dog park visits all day and whenever we go into town on an adventure he is most thrilled. There are many ways through which one can have a lot of fun with their dog outdoors. Such fun outings are great for both the pet and owner to experience bonding time and get some exercise into their systems. I mean you tell me, what makes you more happy when you see the pure joy of your dog going crazy and having a ball with his other rescue dogs bc pals at the park, or roaming around on the beach sniffing away? Being a good dog owner means sincerely being happy for your pet when he’s having fun.

You can take your rescue dogs bc to the beach. Dogs love to swim and play on the seashore. You might be surprised to see how much your pet dog likes running along the seashore. Some dogs also love chasing seagulls or other birds that visit the beach. Also, the sand provides your pet with a lot of space to dig to their heart’s content. Warning: your white dog will NOT come back white, he will be BROWN and sandy and ruin your car, but you already knew this.

Canadian Dog breeds also enjoy playing in parks. Take along some dog toys on your next visit to a nearby park. As parks have large open spaces your dog can enjoy running around for tons of fun. You can also play catch or fetch with them. Your pet might even meet other dogs to play with while visiting the park. Also, visit a dog park if you have one near you. Such parks are specifically designed for dogs and offer tons of things for your pet to do. Make sure nothing gets too rough and that everyone is playing fair and safe. Proper social interaction is to teach the dogs to play safe and fair so that every other dog wants to play with them.

You can also make going outdoor with your dog more fun if you throw in some training. Who says you have to train your dog inside the house? You can help your dog learn to respond properly to your commands under the pleasant sky. Also, teaching your dog how to be focused on you, even when outdoors, can help your pet be less distracted by his or her surroundings.

You can also catch a drive-in movie with your dogs for adoption bc. Don’t forget to take sufficient food, water, and some necessary items like a dogs for adoption bc blanket with you. Furthermore, you can take your dog out for a yummy healthy brunch and enjoy delicious food while spending quality time together.

Be sure to check out all of our dog clothes Canada that all help rescue dogs bc and dogs for adoption bc by sending meals of dog food to animal rescue Canada organizations like the humane society and spca.