Puppy Dog Is Sick - Now What, Vet Care BC?

July 11, 2018

Yesterday I woke up to Indy sleeping on the balcony enjoying the cooler air like normal but he was making some strange new sounds that I had never heard before. He was coughing, sneezing and wheezing. In my half conscious slumber, I thought he might be choking. Realizing he wasn’t, I got him some water and wiped off the newly formed crusty boogers from his nose and went right back to bed as it was 5:20am.

I woke up for real at 8am and he was still in his usual spot. His nose was runny and he looked up all mopey and sad. I wiped him off again, gave him some hugs and pets and got started with my day knowing Indy has his first cold. Poor puppy. 

I did some research and realized that I need to make sure that this cold won’t lead to something more serious like a respiratory infection. First step – how to spot the warning signs and symptoms. Canadian Dog breeds catch colds just like humans from time to time, the difference is they can’t express their pain like we can so it’s up to us to spot the warning signs and symptoms and make sure it doesn’t lead into something more serious or even life threatening.

(note: I AM NOT A VET, I am merely doing research to keep my puppy safe and healthy as he grows up and sharing what I have found online with you guys, just trying to help. If something is wrong with your dog, seek out professional medical help)

Below are some warning signs that your puppy dog might have a cold. Keep in mind that a simple cold is a mild upper respiratory infection

  • Runny nose, some congestion and mucus discharge, sneezing
  • Watering eyes
  • Odd breathing sounds which may mean there is difficulty breathing
  • Coughing or clearing of throat, heavy exhaling to clear mucus build up
  • Light fever, running a higher than normal temperature
  • Mopiness, lethargy, loss of energy, lower than nomal excitement, mood
  • Appetite is reduced.

After observing Indy for 2 days now, it’s safe to assume he has all these symptoms. I am unsure of his temperature, as I don’t have a thermometer. I will get one today. We were still able to go about our day yesterday, he had a great time in the backyard playing with the cats. I took him on 2 separate walks but no dog park action as I didn’t want his condition so spread to other dogs in the area and rescue dogs bc or foster care canada

I noticed and concluded that his condition was more of a mild discomfort, nothing too severe, rescue dogs bc.

This morning he woke up with the same runny nose and general lethargy but again, more mild than anything worrisome. We will go about our day today as normal and see how he is tomorrow morning. He still has an appetite, though he isn’t craving food as much as normal, which means it’s slightly reduced. Being that my home will soon house shelter dogs bc and we will offer foster care bc I need to make sure Indy is healthy and the place is bacteria and virus free!

Next blog I will tackle illnesses that could disguise themselves as colds. Check out all our dog shirts canada that help rescue dogs bc and Canada!

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