Puppy Dog is Sick Part 2 - Almost Vet Care BC time

July 11, 2018

Indy is sick Part 2.

Well today Indy’s nose, general lethargy and slightly depressed mood all still persist. He is still showing signs of a cold but nothing more serious. I have kept him inside where he is comfortable and he is just resting for most of the day by my side while I work at the desk, he is by my feet, loyal as always. He is still eating and drinking water, his poo and pee looks normal as well.

The steps I have taken to treat Indy’s cold at home are the following (again I am not a vet, just reporting what research I have done online to you guys to help rescue dogs bc and Canadian dog breeds):

  • I kept him warm, dry and in good spirits next to me while I worked. I just encouraged he rest, which he doesn’t ever have a problem with haha.

  • I have limited his time spent outside today as it is pretty hot and he enjoys a cooler environment. If it was cold outside, I would have limited his time as well since the old air will cause his bronchial tubes to constrict which would make it more difficult for him to breathe

  • I am encouraging him to eat and sustain his energy. This hasn’t been an issue so far, although he is less excited than normal to eat. Ideally I will be cooking him chicken and brown rice to add to his raw food to ensure that his immune system remains as strong as possible

  • A humidifier works well for my breathing at night and it will help a dog’s breathing as well as it keeps both our bronchial tubes moist.

  • I have tried to keep him drinking water. A trick here is to give him chicken or beef broth as he can’t get enough of that. Use the low sodium kind.

  • I haven’t given him any medication at this point but if I were to it would be children’s cold medicine only approved and checked with by the vet care bc or vet care Canada first.

If my dog’s condition does not improve by tomorrow I will be taking him to the vet. We go to Glenview Animal Hospital, they are really great there and have he has been a patient of theirs since we got him at 9 weeks old. He has had all his shots and care at that facility, they are the best dog veterinarian canada.

I will seek vet help if his symptoms persist and start to get worse. I am confident his condition is still minor and will get better simply with rest, fluid, water and encouragement. But if it does not, and he starts to get worse, we will head to the vet care bc.

Puppies and senior dogs should be taken to the vet if they show symptoms of a cold. This is because their immune systems are just weaker than grown shelter dogs bc and they are more prone to developing infections or serious illnesses from a light cold. So I am keeping a good eye on Indy today to make sure nothing gets worse or serious.

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