Puppy is Better Now. Samoyed Dog Breed Reflections

July 12, 2018

My Samoyed puppy, Indy is finally feeling better after 3 days with a cold. His cold was worse at 1.5 days in then he began to get better. Now he’s pretty much back to normal, the energy is  back, the appetite never really left and he’s happy and excited as ever. There was never and real reason to take him to the vet care bc, so I didn’t. What helped was that I work from home and he stays by my side all day, so it was easy to keep an eye on him.

To kick off today’s vlog in Indy’s puppy rescue Canada and honor I’m going to describe a few characteristics of the Canadian dog breeds, Samoyed,so you can get to know them in further detail. The Samoyed bc is a very powerful and graceful looking dog that is powerful, never gets tired, doesn’t need much sleep throughout the day, isn’t really lazy, loyal and is mostly known for their beautiful white fur coats that grow quite long compared to other breeds. Even their eyelashes are white! They are quite stunning. They have a classic, Sammy smile which is an upturn in the mouth when open, which also prevents them from drooling. They don’t smell, have bad breath or give off nasty odors, much like some rescue dogs bc.

Samoyeds can be very vocal in expressing their mood, distaste and happiness. Over the last few months I have gotten to know what Indy is thinking or trying to express through the tone, pitch and volume of his different barks. Some barks are clearly loud awoo complaints. Samoyed’s are pack animals and I can feel that when he tries to get his way, it is best to teach him early on that  you are the leader of the pack. One way we trained him was that we ate first, and he ate after us, or if we were intending on sharing some food, that he had to wait till we were ready to give him some, again after we were finished eating.

Samoyed’s can be quite mischievous and playful which is a charming part of their personality. Indy often likes to move things around to his liking. He will gladly steal a shoe or a piece of clothing and take it out in the backyard to demolish. He has swallowed many socks and thankfully pooped them all out, that is totally my fault and we have since remedied our laundry issues to make it inaccessible for him to reach.

One fun fact about Indy, and all Samoyed’s is that they LOVE the cold. I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE the cold. I am lucky enough to have a balcony off my bedroom, I leave the door open every night and he prefers to sleep out there in the cool breeze. During wintertime he gladly slept outside there even when it was below zero and drizzling. His coat is enormous and double insulated making him prefer the colder temps. When I took him to AB to experience snow for the first time he quickly found himself covered in white fluff and rolled around for hours outside on the balcony.

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