Samoyed Dog Breed Part 3 - Canadian Dog Breeds

July 12, 2018

Today let’s wrap up the samoyed dog breed characteristics. Although they aren’t classified under Canadian dog breeds they are native to Russia and bred to keep people warm in the harsh winter months as well as great work dogs, pulling heavy weight on sleds. I can sense Indy’s heritage whenever I walk him. He LOVES to pull haha. It’s just in his nature like some shelter dogs bc I have seen, even though he is not. He doesn’t need to even see a squirrel or small critter to give him a reason to pull, he just instinctively does so. It’s something you need to get used to, and I haven’t been able to remedy it, I’ve just accepted it. Of course, he gets much better after a big run at the park, then he is quite calm on leash.

Indy and all samoyeds love spending all their time with their humans and being part of the family. He thrives off my attention and my friends and family. He does so well with attention in big crowds and doesn’t get rattled or spooked. He loves meeting new people. Often times I think when we are in a big event doing something for Dog Days that he really isn’t just ‘my dog’ he is everyone’s dog. He gets showered with attention and is adored by all. He’s everyone’s hero, a true national treasure, I’m just his keeper.

I am lucky at home to have a full fenced in back yard with a hilly part he can climb, dig and play in. He can play outside on his own or chase pickle cat around for hours which they both enjoy. I find walking him on a leash around our neighborhood is probably the least effective form of tiring him out, but he doesn’t enjoy it and it gives me time to think and reflect and listen to podcasts so we both enjoy our evening walks around the sunset, dogs for adoption bc. Morning time, it’s straight to the dog park. That’s the only effective form of exercise for him after 8hrs of sleep, he NEEDS to run. I have never lost Indy and hope I never do as the breed has a tendency to roam if left unattended and will definitely get lost and can travel for miles. The picture preview is of a Samoyed dog breed who got lost and roamed into a Home Depot. Employee of the month!

The people who originally bred samoyeds lived in tents and had to huddle together to keep warm with their dogs to face the super cold Arctic nights. This is why the dog was bred. To keep people, especially children warm with their natural ability to keep warm in the cold. This also, over time, forged a tight bond between humans and Samoyed dog breeds. They relied on them to stay alive! I swear I can sense that love when people meet him. Besides his cuteness, people just HAVE to kneel down and hug him, like they are keeping warm haha, foster homes bc. I don’t know if it’s a full evolutionary trait to love a Samoyed, but people sure know how to hug him like they are keeping warm in the cold!

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