Siberian Husky: 5 Things to Know

December 05, 2018

Siberian Husky: 5 Things to Know

1. They are basically Harry Houdini
Huskies have been known to be escape artists, including jumping over fences, digging their way out or chewing through things. They are very resourceful and will figure a way out of anything. That being said you should make sure you have a very high fence both above and below ground if you are leaving them outside alone, they have also been known to slip out of collars so be careful with this Houdini.

2. They have high amounts of energy
Being a working dog and loving the outdoors this rescue dogs victoria will make for an excellent adventure partner. They have fair bit of energy and if it is not channeled the right way it can cause a bit of destruction. Much like the Border Collie, they were made for endurance so they will not tire quite to easy. So make sure you have time to take this dog for a play in the park, long walk or run, even for a sled ride if you have one. They will surely love you for it, and you will have a very happy dog.

3. They would aid a burglar
Siberian Huskies are friendly, and wont really let you know when someone is coming to your house. This makes them not the most stellar guard dog. In fact they would probably aid a burglar instead of defending the home. So you will be sure to have a very friendly dog, just make sure to keep your valuables locked up!

4. They are pack dogs
Because they are pack rescue dogs bc they need a clear leader and a firm understanding of who makes the rules. Otherwise they will attempt to fill the position of leader. This being said it makes training very easy because they will respect you, but will push your limits at times. So make sure you are assertive on your position. At the same time they are known to be a bit independent and stubborn, they do not give up easily so be patient and determined when training.

5. They shed

Like most dogs, Huskies shed. Since they were made to be outdoors in colder climates, this can double especially during hotter season. In the spring and fall they blow out their coats, and their under layer will shed while their top coat grows in more. So get your brush ready because you will need it!

So if you are thinking about getting a Siberian Husky definitely do your research in to the breed. You are going to have a high energy dog that needs stimulation, but you are sure to have a friend for life.