The best toys for dogs

July 16, 2018

Owning a dog means that you need to take care of their needs. While feeding them properly and providing them with a safe, comfortable space is a must, you also need to take care of their playtime. While puppies love to play, adult rescue dogs bc need playtime too.  With me and my story of taking care of my Samoyed puppy that I love sharing with you all, the play time is a daily requirement to keep his energy within reasonable levels as well as his destructive tendencies down to a minimum. Indy likes all sorts of play, I have broken his daily play down to 3 separate types of play that we as dog owners can all relate to. First type is the play that he and I do on our own at home. This involves one on one play with ropes and toys and usually involves some tugging and throwing around the house and backyard. He likes this stuff but it really an appetizer to his main types of play. The second type of play is again at home but it’s with his two cats, his partners in crime, kitty and pickle cat. Kitty is old and wants nothing to do with indy when he plays, kitty is about 12 or 13, I’m not quite sure. But indy’s energy is way too intense for kitty. Pickle cat on the other hand really enjoys indy’s company and tolerates it much better. They play their cat and mouse game of chase all over the house (you can hear the coming) and they have a great time. The third type of play is when I finally get to take indy to the local dogs for adoption bc park and he gets to socialize and play with other dogs, that’s his favorite type of play.

One of the best ways to let your dogs for adoption bc play, even when you aren’t around to play with them, is by giving your pet a toy. Not only do such toys make rescue dogs bc happy, they also help avoid obesity in dogs which can often lead to serious illnesses and is the cause of major diseases such as diabetes. Dogs love toys that are chase-able, easy to chew and can roll around.

There are different kinds of dog toys you can opt for. You can buy different sized and colored balls. Dogs love chewable balls that also make squeaky noises. Balls also make a good item to play catch or fetch with. Balls that can float can also provide fun to your dog if they enjoy playing in the pool.

Furthermore, you can also opt for chew toys. Rescue Dogs bc love flavored chew toys, and can spend hours at a time with it, allowing you to take care of other tasks around the house. When selecting a chew toy or even a toy made of rubber, make sure that it’s safe for your pet. The toy you select shouldn’t have small parts that might cause choking or sharp edges that might hurt your pet.

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