August 01, 2018


Continued from Yesterday’s Blag about Starting Up a Socially Conscious Company

So, I decided my business would be about helping dogs in need, in Canada. Next, I had to come up with a way to help dogs that people could understand and relate to. Simply selling a product and donating money from each sale isn’t really that compelling, though necessary. So, I came up with a currency that was easy for people to register. Every item we sell helps feed rescue dogs. Then I came up with a conversion based off of our donation per item. ‘This shirt feeds 7 rescue dogs.’ Feeding dogs is easy for people to understand, you can picture a cup of dog food as you have served your animals thousands of times, you know the look and weight of it, you know it goes in their belly and they are happy till next meal time, you can see the effect one meal of food has on a dog. So that was it, we will feed rescue dogs with every purchase.

dog rescue canada 1

Then I began to understand that the country of Canada is a pretty damn big place and people feel connected with each other coast to coast but they greatly feel the comradery with the province that they live in.  Because people in BC are very different than people in Quebec, and they are very different than people in PEI, I chose to segment the aid that is a result of your purchase. Now, ‘every purchase feeds rescue dogs in YOUR province’. This idea came to be just recently but it has come with very positive feedback. People are community driven and community focused and helping your local community, your province is much more impactful than helping a bigger picture, or bigger goal, even though you are still contributing to that larger goal – helping dogs in Canada.

So that is where we stand now with Dog Days. Every purchase helps rescue dogs in need, In your local community, your province.

The next step which I am working on now, which I will admit, is not my speciality is coming up with product ideas and designs that people love. The idea is to sell things that ‘you need to buy anyway’ with us, you get to help dogs in the process. I started with clothing as I know that’s a big market segment that sells very well online, but I am no fashionista. My long term goal is to have a full lifestyle line and full fitness line for men and women. I also am getting into consumables and designing products like whole bean coffee which has done so well. Next, we will be launching our own brand of tea as well as cold press coffee drinks for the consumer on the go.  I have a few new product ideas for 2019 but I won’t go into detail yet. I’m also working on a Doggy Café for Victoria, BC which is a coffee and snack shop where we sell all of our retail merchandise and the best part is you can bring your dog! We have our own app coming out by the end of 2018 which I won’t discuss yet and our big main goal is to one day have our own animal sanctuary somewhere in Canada for the care and rescue of all animals. There I said it, now to make it happen!

dog rescue canada 3

Thanks for reading, I look forward to supporting Animal Rescue Canada and specifically dog rescue Canada in the many years to come! Share with your friends if you like the idea!