Things To Consider When Looking for a Service Dog

July 14, 2018

Service dogs are very hardworking creatures and help people with specific disabilities such as hearing impairment, mental illness or visual impairment, etc. There is a series of misinformation regarding selecting service rescue dogs bc. Before choosing service dogs, you must go through some important questions such the qualities of service dogs, their general personality, and more. Some dog breeds are much more naturally inclined to be trained over time to perform the tasks needed of them to become successful service dogs. Candidate service dogs are heavily screened by the trainers and even though a dog might be the right breed that has the potential to become a good service dog, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be able to pass the training and graduate. Just because a dog is a certain breed, like humans, they have individual personalities and the breed doesn’t guarantee the dog will be a good service dog, it’s solely based on the individual dog in question.

You should carry out research about the types of service dogs and the related breeds. Some of the best service dogs are said to be Newfoundland, Bernese mountain rescue dogs bc, and German shepherds. List down the qualities you would like to see in the service dog and then select accordingly because not being sure of what you need might result in choosing the wrong service dogs for adoption bc. Consult some professionals in your area and ask around. If you are going to be training your dog yourself, what programming will you use?

Research should also be done about the service dog you plan to choose and the training maintenance it requires. Once you know what the maintenance involves, then you must decide whether you’ll be able to do it or not, either yourself or through the help of a friend or family member.  

Making a smart decision is very important when you are choosing a service dog. You must know which breed should be chosen and will the dog be able to mitigate your disability and work with you or not. It’s recommended that you consult with service dog providing agencies. They can help you determine the kind of service dog you require depending on your needs and ability to take care of the dog too as an owner. Consulting a service dog training agency should be your first step towards choosing a service dog. Get their recommendation as to which breed would best fit your specific concerns and make your decision based off of that recommendation. They know best, they have years of first hand training of each Canadian dog breeds and they know which best to pair with each disability. I would weigh their opinion very strongly.

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