Victoria BC Pride - Big Gay Dog Walk

August 01, 2018

So this weekend we celebrated PRIDE here in Victoria BC. This was such a fun weekend and I’m so glad I got to share in the fun, good vibes and festivities. Though I would have loved to be in the parade and share the DOG DAYS brand with a booth in James Bay, I didn’t get a chance to because of another preoccupation. But let me tell you about the weekend nonetheless.

We kicked off the Friday like any other work day, Daniel and I made some videos this week that needed editing and I made sure everything was done on the business side as well as continuing the process of opening up the print shop, which will help rescue dogs BC. I had Jessi the electrician come in and take a look at hardwiring the conveyor oven which is needed to cure the ink into the shirts and dry it after it’s pressed in. We made a fair deal and she actually bought a shirt! Then Daniel left for the day, I managed to hit the gym and we planned to meet up in the early evening at the Big Gay Dog Walk!

The Big Gay Dog Walk was scheduled to meet at 6pm on Dallas Road at the off leash part. You know where I’m talking about, the corner of Cook and Dallas, right at the ending tip of Beacon Hill Park. When I got there all I saw was colors, costumes, about 300 dogs and probably 500 people, who knows really, but a MASSIVE crowd of happy people and their dogs. This meet up was pretty fun because it was a mad house! Every dog kinda just lead the way and met whoever they wanted to and the owners obliged. It was super fun to meet people based on your dog meeting their dog. Everyone was in great spirits and Daniel and I got some fun footage we will be sharing with you guys on here, IG and youtube, so check that out. From the people that I talked to, everyone pretty much had a rescue dog bc found through an animal shelters in Canada, so that’s nice that people prefer to adopt instead of buy animals. I stayed for about an hr, it wasn’t much of a Dog Walk as advertised, just a mess around in the park. There was a costume contest for the best dressed dog (see vid) and some prizes. Thanks to everyone who came out. I unfortunately had to leave early to go home and load the car up with products and prepare for a big day at Colwood Beats and Eats on Saturday. It was my first time attending that event as well since I’m new to the island as of January of this year, so everything is new to me, and super fun. The Big Gay Dog Walk was just a glimpse into how loving and open this community is to each other and the animals in their care. It’s really tremendous to see and I’m so glad I moved here. Thanks to everyone who came out and be sure to check out our weekend recap video on youtube!

Please also check out our dog clothes canada that supports rescue dogs bc by sending meals of dog food to their aid with every purchase! We help foster care bc by supporting the Victoria Humane Society here locally! We also help bc animal shelter by supporting the SPCA. You get to choose how we help!