Weekend Wrap-up Helping Broken Promises Rescue Dogs BC

July 12, 2018

To wrap up this past weekend, PRIDE weekend, I closed out the Sunday by attending the Q Market at Juan de Fuca. This’s weeks proceeds were going to the benefit of rescue dogs bc by supporting Broken Promises Rescue. This was the first time I was in attendance here as a vendor with my booth setup, and I was on my own as Tam was tired from working late the night before. The market was nice with many local vendors from the Westshore area, however we didn’t get the traffic that we hoped for. Why? Well everyone was downtown at the PRIDE parade and there was a festival in the park near James Bay after that all afternoon. They had music, food trucks so many people and of course, vendors! Ahh, I should have  been there, I simply didn’t make the cut and missed the deadline as I had heard about it much later than I planned. I’m new to the area, here from Alberta, so things like calender planning is pretty foreign to me and it all takes quite a bit of research. If this was Alberta I would know every major event happening quite easily and could plan my summer with little effort. It’s easier in Alberta as well, FOR EVERYTHING. BC has quite a bit of red tape when it comes to government stuff, insurance, lending, mortgages, all the way down to farmers market applications lol. For example, I’m sure you all know that there are 13 municipalities that make up the greater Victoria area? That’s crazy, how can anything get done with so many decision makers butting heads. Life was simpler in Alberta, but life is MUCH BETTER here!

So after this weekend wrap-up from the 2 markets we attended we managed to raise 652 meals of dog food for Broken Promises Rescue. That makes me HAPPY! And proud. I am glad that my new business, that was just a little idea in my head has grown into something that is actually generating financial help to rescues who make a difference in the lives of animals in need. I feel like now I am not only on the road to building a successful business, but my life has PURPOSE and MEANING which is fuel for the fire that keeps me going, by helping rescue dogs bc and dogs for adoption bc.

Also, after the success of this weekend I realized that I need to buckle down, hit the road, and spread the word about the Dog Days brand. Therefore, I will be hitting the entire outdoor market circuit all summer, meeting new people, selling our products and raising money for different local rescues. The online side of the business is taking its time to develop as expected, so by spreading the word in the local community, we should grow the brand in a way that helps the online side in due time.

So stay tuned and check us out at your local outdoor market this summer. Good thing there are 13 municipalities that all have fun outdoor events planned this summer. I’ll let you know which ones we are attending and when! Andy B

Be sure to check out all of our dog clothes Canada that help rescue dogs bc by supporting local rescues and organizations that help dogs for adoption bc like the Victoria Humane Society and Broken Promises Rescue.