our goal is to help reduce needless suffering in canada

100% of profit is donated


Please allow 8-12 days for delivery

Rescues and programs we support

We are looking for animal rescues to help

If you know of a really great small to medium sized dog rescue Canada or animal rescue Canada that needs help in the form of financial aid, please recommend them to us, or have them reach out to us. We are particularly looking for dog rescue and animal rescue partners in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. We are based on Vancouver Island and have many partners locally that help rescue dogs Victoria.

What we are setting out to accomplish is to try and reduce the amount of needless suffering of animals and people in need, in Canada. We donate 50% of all our profit to send financial aid to animal rescue Canada and dog rescue Canada, partner organizations across Canada. The point is to help them continue to feed the rescue dogs BC in their care and keep them healthy long enough to find a forever home. Also supporting dogs for adoption bc in the foster care system across the country as well. 

Realizing that people in need who are suffering could benefit from the companionship of a service animal we set up partnerships with programs that train and donate service dogs Canada, for veterans and first responders like paramedics, police and firemen, anyone really who has suffered some form of mental injury from time in the service protecting Canada and are living their lives now with PTSD. When one of these servicemen is paired with a service dog they can finally start to heal and recover mentally.

We also set are now partnered with programs that train and pair guide dogs Canada, to the disabled, blind, deaf or autistic in Canada. When one of these people has the companionship of a guide dog they can lead their best life and enjoy their best friend and protector. 

If you can understand and appreciate what we are trying to accomplish please support the cause by sharing our page with your friends across Canada and help us spread the word. New line of dog clothes Canada coming soon as well, stay tuned! - Andy B