Our Videos

BC & Alberta Guide Dogs

We visit a guide dog puppy training class in Victoria where BC & Alberta Guide dogs train, pair and donate guide dogs to people in need. No bamboozle, too much good behavior.

The Thinking Behind All This

Andy describes what we actually do at Dog Days, why we are doing all this, what we want to accomplish in the long term, and our reason why.

Popeye's Classic Speech

Andy gave a speech at a fitness competition where he discussed sacrifice, potential, art and beauty and how it all relates to competition. The point is to do difficult things and get better as you go.

DogCast # 3 - Kelsey the Groomer

Kelsey shares some experiences grooming dogs as well as some stories from her dog rescue adventures overseas and plans for the future.

Indy's First Bath

This is Indy when he is about 10 weeks old and we give him his first bath. He does very well and doesn't seem to mind too much. It was also the first video Andy ever made.

Car Free YYJ

A recap of our time at the summer street fair, Car Free YYJ in Victoria, where they shut down a major street downtown so everyone could party in the street!

Husky Power

Alex takes her pup with her to the gym to get a boxing training session in. She uses our Husky Power Pre Workout that helps her perform optimally.

DogCast # 1 - Broken Promises Rescue

Pamela stops by to talk with Andy about Broken Promises Rescue and how she is able to balance constant demand from the community to help animals in need and her life.

Screen Printing

Andy runs through a brief tutorial explaining how we screen print our custom clothing at Dog Days and Indy boy comes along for a ride in the car and gets in the way.

Siobhan Cuts Indy's Nails

Indy needs his nails cut and Siobhan has a plan. Bamboozle ensues. But from whom did the bamboozle come from and who has the last laugh?

Cooking with Pets Ep 2

Tessa and Andy make a fitness inspired meal that she used on her prep this past season for her fitness competition and the animals get in the way.

DogCast # 2 - Penny from the Humane Society

Penny discusses what's invovled in running a rescue society that takes in over 200 animals each month and how she handles that, her life and what her plans are for the future.

Cooking with Pets Ep 1

Andy makes a pet friendly snack for Indy dog to beat the summer heat, and the pets get in the way. Our debut episode of our very own cooking show!

DogCast # 5 - Island Pet Source

Michelle and Emma discuss what it takes to successfully run a local pet store and work together as a mother / daughter team without fighting.

Coffee Delivery

Andy and Indy drove around to deliver our coffee to Red Barn Market. We were then able to donate enough money to the Victoria Humane Society to purchase 759 meals of dog food!

Indy Tastes Some Food

Our samoyed puppy tries some food around the house, and kitty gives his opinion too. Indy is an incredibly picky and careful eater. Kitty, not so much.

DogCast # 6 - Corey the Promoter

Corey and Andy sit down to talk about fitness, bodybuilding, dogs and the business of putting on fitness shows for the community. RescuFIT coming soon!

What is Dog Days?

In this video, Andy, the founder of Dog Days, briefly explains what we are all about and how we help rescue dogs across Canada. This is an intro video that we have since expanded on.

Dogs of Canada Ep 1

In this first episode, Dale talks about how Hector dog helped him recover from PTSD that was caused as a result of time in the Service protecting Canada.

Street Ballet

Nicole is super excited to end a long day of work and go see her fiancee and new puppy in the park that she dances her way through town to meet them!